Communications Manager (SAP)

I was the change communications consultant for major projects for SAP’s global product support organization. I designed and executed the change communications strategy for the following implementations:

  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad (SAP Global Product Support) – 1.7 million users impacted
  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad (SAP SuccessFactors Product Support) – 15,000 users impacted
  • Schedule an Expert tool – 1.7 million users impacted
  • Cloud Availability Dashboard tool – 15,000 users impacted

My work included running beta testing programs, gathering and analyzing user feedback, creating training materials, managing global, localized communications campaigns, and reporting and analytics.

In this role, I was also the program manager for the quarterly release webinar program for the product management organization. I also created and delivered new user onboarding for new customers and partners.