Senior Community Manager (SAP)

I led the project team that defined and implemented UI/UX and data handling processes to ensure compliance with GDPR and other data privacy legislation for a user community hosting over 2.8 million users.

I also led diversity and inclusion initiatives focused on both improving our user events and the psychological safety of our community, including:

  • expanding speaker CFPs to a broader audience, including speaker passes to increase accessibility
  • offering scholarships that provide free event passes to underrepresented people or others facing obstacles to attendance
  • partnering with other D&I groups within the company to proactively invite underrepresented groups to participate
  • D&I education, content creation, and allyship coaching
  • revamping our online CoC and implementing an events CoC
  • advocating for psychological safety and revamping our influencer groups to remove toxic behavior and bad actors

I spoke at DevRelCon San Francisco 2019 on Building Psychological Safety in Digital Communities. See my slides here>>>